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Parker CO may not even be classified as a town officially, but it is home to thousands of people and 135 restaurants. Prepare to find out what some of those wonderful restaurants are. After reading this, you’re certainly going to know some wonderful places to go eat. I’ll get right to it with these four top dining establishments in the home rule municipality of Parker, Colorado.

First, let’s take a look at Opa Grill. I was going to tell you about Portofino Pizza & Pasta, but isn’t it a chain? Opa Grill is where you can get your Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. I’ll end up showing you another place to get your Italian food at some point. Opa Grill is located at 18366 Lincoln Avenue, and it’s where you can get your baklava, gyros, lemon custard, funnel cake and much more. The restaurant even has a sampler appetizer.

Then there is Indochine Cuisine, and it’s a unique place to eat located at 19751 East Main Street. Pineapple curry and drunken noodles are just two of the menu items you can order up there. How does firecracker shrimp sound to you? There are both traditional dishes and more modern and creative dishes served up at Indochine Cuisine. With such a large variety, you know you can find something you like at this wonderful and trendy dining establishment in Parker, Colorado.

If it’s barbecue you and your family are after, one of the best places, if not the best, in Parker is Hickory House. You will find Hickory House at 10335 South Parker Road, and you’re talking about baby back ribs, brisket, onion rings, prime rib and more. Some reviews point to the fact that this place can be busy, but others say it’s not busy at all. So I suppose it depends on when you plan to stop by, and you’re certainly going to find some delicious barbecue.

I told you I would give you a place to find some great Italian food. The place is called Armando’s Ristorante, and its address is 9335 Crown Crest Boulevard. You’re talking about all the best Italian food, and that includes pizza. People have great things to say about the atmosphere of the restaurant, too. Stick around for more, as I’m coming back full circle to tell you about more restaurants to visit when you are going to be in the great town of Parker CO.

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